Award-winning compliance eLearning with a focus on accessibility

Our Federal Government client had an existing suite of compliance modules intended to support staff in understanding their policy obligations. They described this existing suite of modules as “high quantity and low quality”, resulting in a poor learning experience as their 1,400 staff rushed through content to meet completion metrics.

We began with a full learning needs analysis. As a result of this analysis, we identified seven existing compliance eLearning modules requiring a more learner-centric redevelopment. We identified clear action-oriented learning objectives, moving away from “long lists of information with limited relevance to users” towards context-specific application of the policy in the workplace.

Working with a limited budget and timeframe, and with a strong focus on accessibility, Endeavour proposed a story-based approach. We created a cast of characters reflecting staff of the organisation and placed these characters in realistic situations requiring them to recognise and apply the relevant components of the policy.

Learners are placed in a “first person” gameplay situation. Their decisions result in realistic outcomes depending on their correct or incorrect application of the policy.

In this way, they are learning by doing, with supporting information provided as hints at the point of need.

As the modules are designed to be completed annually, Endeavour incorporated recognition of prior learning by allowing learners to skip straight to the knowledge check if confident in the material. Some modules also offer alternative pathways so that learners can select a new character each year, enhancing engagement and further cementing the learning with alternative decision points.

Quick facts:

  • This accessible suite of compliance eLearning modules provides an engaging and immersive experience for all learners.
  • Individual scenarios are intertwined in an overarching storyline, incorporating recurring characters and themes.
  • Real photos of the workplace place the learning directly in context.
  • Endeavour took out the LearnX Gold Award for Best Accessibility eLearning Design for this project.

Gold LearnX Live Awards 2020 medal