eLearning designs proven by research to add value

Evidence-based instructional design is our strong suit and it’s what sets us apart from many dedicated eLearning providers. We’re different because we focus on designs that have been proven by research to add significant, measurable value to learning. We draw on our knowledge of psychology and our many years of developing educational programs in the design of all our learning experiences, whatever the mode of delivery.

We consider the cognitive processes that underpin real learning in our eLearning design. For example, we manage cognitive load by using worked examples that gradually expose the learner to increasingly detailed content. We provide cognitive challenges where the decisions learners make will have an impact on what happens next in the lesson. We create emotional resonance with logical consequences for those decisions.

We love the challenge of transforming dry content into engaging and meaningful learning experiences and feel rewarded when learners report that a deceptively simple gamified module is really quite challenging – a sure sign of learner engagement!

Our aim is to make the eLearning experience engaging and relevant and to make the learning stick. With great learner and client feedback and awards in eLearning development, we think we’ve nailed it. We’d love the opportunity to work with you to make your eLearning the best it can be.

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