Interactive Online Induction Module

In this project, our challenge was to develop a highly interactive online induction module which would avoid the all-too-common “info dump” and instead create a welcoming message for new starters that truly reflects the organisation’s culture.

Our Australian Federal Government client required an engaging and interactive online induction module that would provide new staff with a clear understanding of the organisation. They wanted the module to make new starters feel welcome but also to clearly communicate the organisation’s mission and values to align new starters with the organisation’s purpose.

This project required significant upfront research, with Endeavour delving deeply into the organisation’s history and culture. Endeavour then used this information to develop an interactive historical timeline, focusing on key achievements and turning points for the organisation, thus bringing their mission to life.

Endeavour integrated existing resources including videos from real staff. We edited these videos into brief snippets to highlight real aspects of the corporate culture. We also included an interactive organisation chart, allowing learners to navigate to their area of the organisation to receive a personalised welcome message from their new senior manager.

Learners are invited to directly compare their personal values with the organisation’s values using a short quiz. We also developed an interactive case study to introduce leaners to specific functions of the organisation.

After all sections of the module are completed, learners are directed to a personal action plan, where they develop short-term goals for their first days on the job. Those goals can then be emailed directly to the learner from the module itself, allowing for direct transfer of learning to the workplace.

Quick facts:

  • Videos and welcome messages from real staff bring authenticity and relevance to the module.
  • Interactive timeline, organisation chart, case study, values quiz, and personal action plan enhance user experience.
  • Professional graphic design reflects the dynamic nature and emerging significance of the organisation.
  • Responsive design allows for completion on both desktop computers and tablet devices.