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Endeavour’s technical writers can assist with the “brain download” of subject matter experts to create documentation that preserves your organisations’ most valuable asset – its knowledge.

Our competitive edge stems from our understanding that subject matter experts are often the hardest workers in an organisation, and the busiest. Our SME interview model allows us to perform the “brain download” in the shortest possible time, freeing up your experts to focus on what they do best.

Endeavour’s technical writers start with the end user in mind, structuring documentation in line with the reading skills and comprehension level of the target audience, using Plain English to help translate subject matter expertise into transferable underpinning knowledge. Where these complex ideas cannot be effectively conveyed in writing, we seek to incorporate visual models, diagrams, photos and videos to ensure full knowledge transfer. We offer graphic design services to support this where required.

Our technical writers draw on their instructional design experience and knowledge to ensure documentation is clear and relevant to its learning application.

Detailed user manuals and instructions, policies and procedures, technical specifications, tenders and proposals, contracts, and process documentation are just some of the many types of technical documentation available through the Endeavour Scribe service. Simply tell us what you need and let us take it from there.

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