One-on-One Coaching

Individual support for sustained behavioural change

It is one thing to remove a person from the workplace to take a one-day course to fill a skill gap, but what happens when they return to the workplace to apply their knowledge for the first time? What coaching and support is available to help identify and remove roadblocks to success?

We know that performance improvements are difficult to sustain after a single face-to-face training session. That’s why we offer one-on-one coaching services to enhance the lasting imprint of learning programs.

Typically, we work with line managers and senior executives to develop and hone implementation plans for key organisational objectives. With this approach we multiply the value of the initial training, assisting our clients to measure the impact of their investment while providing one-on-one support to build the momentum and enthusiasm of the individual.

Our coaching packages are tailored to our clients’ unique requirements and can incorporate face-to-face and/or online sessions of varying intervals. Typically we engage with individuals fortnightly for a minimum of 3 months.

“The program was a ground-breaking multi-modal project delivered by Endeavour. The development relied on a highly collaborative approach and the success is rightly shared by all of those involved.”


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