Award-winning educational animation for the Australian Taxation Office

“Fantastic videos! For someone like me who has a tendency to overthink things, it’s good to know that there are practical strategies that can help to train our brains to think more positively and thrive no matter the situation or circumstances.” – ATO employee

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) sought a provider to develop a series of 3-5 minute explainer videos to assist staff in developing evidence-based coping strategies for dealing with worry, stress, and anxiety in the workplace.

As internal education pieces, these videos needed to provide helpful tips that could be practically implemented both in the workplace and at home to help improve mental health outcomes.

The initial phase of the project involved extensive research by our in-house clinical psychologist to investigate and summarise evidence-based techniques related to the key focus areas.

The messaging for each learning video was crucial. Distilling complex psychological information into brief scripts that teach important techniques is not an easy task. Although the videos addressed sometimes complex behavioural therapy techniques, we adopted a Plain English approach and simple step-by-step methodology to enhance the transfer of learned skills.

An important challenge facing the project was the delicate task of using character-based animation to convey the appropriate gravity of the subject matter while remaining light and engaging.

The four videos covered advanced cognitive resilience techniques designed to support staff mental health in the workplace.

The videos directly addressed the following topics:

  • Managing change
  • Managing demanding workloads
  • Managing uncertainty in the workplace
  • Managing workplace stress

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