Choose-your-own-adventure video comic strip

The constant quest for creative, engaging and meaningful learning experiences led us to create this award-winning eLearning module.


The brief from our government agency client was to raise awareness for the physical security of staff and their property while out in the field.

For the eLearning module to be effective, we identified the need to create an emotional response in the learner. We proposed the medium of professionally acted dramatised video to create this emotional response.

The video was styled to suit a “choose-your-own-adventure comic strip” format, where the learner’s choices impact on what happened next in the scenario. As with all of our projects, we kept the learning goals front and centre so that, while the resulting learning experience is highly interactive and even fun to complete, the learner is engaged in real cognitive processing of the content to make meaningful decisions.

The skill here was making the difficult look easy. This isn’t a magic trick, just the result of years of instructional design experience combined with an extensive knowledge of cognitive psychology and education principles

Comic Strip Style eLearning Module

Quick facts:

  • Reaching more than 600 employees across 20 locations, Australia-wide
  • 92% learned something from this module that they are likely to use again
  • “Professionally presented, easy to follow and no walls of text.” – eLearning participant