Department of Veterans’ Affairs Quality Taxi Program

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) moved towards increased use of taxi services for transporting veterans and their families to and from medical appointments. DVA wanted to make sure their clients would receive the same standard of care that they were used to under the previous hire car only scheme. Endeavour was called on to develop a targeted training solution to upskill NSW taxi drivers in the unique needs of these highly valued passengers.

DVA Taxi Program
DVA Quality Taxi Program Infographic

The NSW Taxi Industry provides around 400,000 trips to veterans and their families each year. This makes the Department of Veterans’ Affairs the NSW Taxi Industry’s biggest client.

Endeavour was engaged to conduct a needs and gap analysis of driver knowledge and skills to accommodate the specific requirements of veterans. We then prepared a complete learning and education strategy, highlighting the need for door-to-door service and awareness of the specific service requirements of elderly and less mobile passengers.

Our comprehensive final report included professional graphic design to stimulate stakeholder buy-in and, as a value-added inclusion, Endeavour prepared two case studies, ‘The Steep Descent’ and ‘Escalating Conflict’, with accompanying discussion questions for future training. Acknowledging the low functional literacy levels of the audience, Endeavour developed a process infographic to illustrate the “ideal journey”.