Online software and systems training

Our clients often call on us to develop online software and systems training when there is a change to an existing piece of software or a new system is due for release. Staff need to upskill on the program quickly to provide continuity of service to their internal and external customers.

We have talked elsewhere about our approach to online software and systems training. Where appropriate, we move away from didactic demonstration and towards guided practice.

To achieve this, we start by reviewing known competencies. Our goal is to recognise prior knowledge and teach learners only what they need to know – a key requirement of successful adult education.

Next, we develop a mock environment, which we use to replicate real world tasks. Rather than identifying features of the program in isolation, we design worked scenarios through which learners undertake real world tasks.

For example, one client needed to upskill staff on the changes to an existing customer reservation system. We designed a series of practical exercises requiring the learner to respond to customer enquiries in real time. The exercises were designed to be increasingly challenging, beginning with guided narration and building up to a final, timed, scenario-based assessment.

In another example, Endeavour was engaged to develop both the competency frameworks and the eLearning modules for control systems engineers. We translated the highly technical subject matter expertise of a very small group of system experts into an engaging online program which could be used to supplement on-the-job learning for new recruits. A team of seven Endeavour consultants worked cohesively and efficiently to scope, develop and hand over ten completed eLearning modules within six months.

Quick facts:

  • Engaging scenario-based exercises follow real workflows
  • Scenario-based assessments test learners holistically in context
  • Self-paced design accommodates both general users and super users within the same module
  • For one project, designed and developed ten highly technical systems modules within 6 months
  • For another project, designed and developed one module within just four weeks to meet the system rollout deadline. One staff member commented “I think it was the smoothest delivery ever!”