Oral Health Superguide

We combined thorough research and skilled technical writing with sleek graphic design to create this easy-to-use guide for oral health professionals.

When Endeavour was selected to develop a specialised resource to support the supervision of oral health professionals, we were excited.

Our task was to develop a practical resource relevant across the spectrum of practice, from experienced specialists to more junior practitioners just starting out in the field.

Research-based evidence was an important part of the project because these professionals clearly don’t have time to waste on fluffy opinion pieces. We also needed to translate the research into accessible content that would be read and used.

Our response to this challenge was to create a ‘Voices from the Field’ section to make the content relatable. This was particularly well-received, as was our toolkit full of downloadable resources. Quality graphic design had a large part to play in enhancing accessibility. We used colour-coded sections and icons to turn the document into a quick-reference guide.

The final product met with a remarkable level of positive feedback from industry stakeholders, who identified the usefulness of the resource beyond the oral health context. This satisfaction translated into a request for an online module drawing out the themes of ‘Giving Effective Feedback’.

Quick facts:

  • Technical content translated into a quick-reference guide format using ‘Voices from the Field’, downloadable resources and graphic design
  • Paired with a customised eLearning module on ‘Giving Effective Feedback’
  • The best part about the guide is the ‘Voices from the Field’ – I can so much relate to them.” – Oral Health Supervisor