Safety Management System Blended Learning Program

We designed a highly flexible blended program incorporating face-to-face training, eLearning, a “reality TV” style acted video and custom animation to meet the needs of 1,500 learners with a very wide range of experience and knowledge.

Our NSW Government client wanted to achieve widespread understanding of the organisation’s Safety Management System as it applied to the role of line managers throughout the business.

Endeavour needed to create a program which accommodated approximately 1,500 line managers with widely varying degrees of skills and pre-existing knowledge of the subject matter. The target audience originated from many different departments within the organisation, each with different safety responsibilities, accountabilities and authorities.

To address this need, Endeavour proposed a self-review exercise at the beginning of the course to help the facilitator gauge pre-existing knowledge when planning the focus points for the session. In the absence of a formal assessment, a second self-review activity at the conclusion of the course provides learners with insights into their strengths and areas for further improvement. 

Throughout the course, the various media provide learners with the opportunity to investigate safety-related incidents from a number of perspectives. 

  • We designed the supporting eLearning module to be broken down into department-specific and context-specific scenarios from around the business. Learners can select the scenario which most closely reflects their own personal circumstances, enhancing relevance.

Welder1Case studies

  • A short (3 minute) animated video describing key safety management theories simplifies technical concept, making the content more accessible to learners with lower levels of functional literacy.


  • Armed with CCTV footage of a real safety incident, Endeavour drew on a “reality TV” concept to script a professionally acted video which allowed learners to identify how proper application of the SMS would have resulted in a different outcome.

Whatdunnit1 Whatdunnit2

The elements of the course come together as learners complete their own personal “workplace safety initiative”. The learners are encouraged to implement this initiative back in their workplace to address a safety concern or opportunity, demonstrating effective transfer of learning to the workplace. 

Quick facts:

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    Participant Workbook

    Reaching approximately 1,500 line managers across the organisation with a wide range of skills and pre-existing knowledge.

  • 4 hour face-to-face course incorporating scenario-based eLearning, professionally acted video, custom animation, and practical exercises.
  • Flexible design allows the facilitator to target the course to each participant group.
  • Self-review activities at the beginning and end of the course track the acquisition of skills and knowledge.