Training Videos

Learning that comes to life in the classroom and online

Valued for their ability to evoke an emotional response in learners, videos work well in both the classroom and eLearning environments. Often they’re used as part of a blended learning program, touching on a specific message or key theme.

Training videos work well in the following situations:

  • To present a message in a dramatic or engaging way;
  • Where a consistent message needs to be delivered to a large number of people;
  • Where a consistent message needs to be delivered across an extended period of time;
  • As a supporting demonstration resource for inexperienced facilitators;
  • To demonstrate processes (e.g. machinery operation) when access to the real thing is not available;
  • Where learners are geographically dispersed or where some learners are isolated and have limited access to face-to-face training; and
  • To take the learner to places they can’t go, for example multiple locations in a short period of time, foreign locations, restricted areas and even animated virtual worlds.

We’ve partnered with leading video production houses to deliver fresh and engaging training videos, employing professional actors and narrators, and devising scripts that hit key learning outcomes.

We’ve also used low-budget training videos when the content needs to be regularly refreshed or other circumstances dictate the need for a low-cost alternative.

We offer video packages to suit every budget and closed captioning is available to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

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