Custom Animations for Learning

We’ve seen an explosion in the use of custom animations to support learning of key processes and concepts.

If you grew up glued to Saturday morning cartoons then you’ll know the impact of well-scripted animation. Used well, animations can deliver an educational KAPOW!

We’ve scripted and developed custom animations across a vast range of learning topics. From serious messages about safety and health, to aspirational calls for innovation, our custom animations grab and hold learner attention.

Much like videos, animations are useful where a consistent message needs to be delivered to a large group of learners across time or geographical boundaries. Animations are also useful for transporting learners to places they can’t easily go, to see a process or concept in action.

The instructional design and scripting of custom animations for learning is a unique skill. We’ve honed that skill over years to land at a method which consistently delivers high impact against our clients’ learning objectives.

Successful applications of custom animation:

  • Creating a strong first impression during induction.
  • Grabbing and holding learner attention for important safety messages.
  • Communicating facts and statistics in an engaging way.
  • Telling a story, for example “where we’ve come from and where we’re going” as an organisation.